The rubber solid tyre shows yellow-white coloUr in daylight and in night or dark light, it will illuminate with Blue or Green fluorescent colour, letting others notice you and increasing the safety of driving.

High-quality rubber material
The rubber solid tyre adopts high- quality rubber material, which shows excellent performance of explosion-proof abrasion resistance and pressure resistance. It is super durable and reliable.

Honeycomb design
The tyre with special honeycomb design has good damping and anti-slip performance. You can used the tire in snowy and rainy days, never worry the security issue.

Solid tyre
There is no need of inflating! The solid tyre has wonderful flexibility and buffer ability. It can stretched and return to the original shape to bear pressure changing.

The solid tyre is easy to install. And the maintenance work is very simple, because that it need not to be inflate, patched and matching inner tier.

Type: fluorescent tire
Quantity: 1pc or 2pc
Material: Rubber
Colour: yellow-white
Fluorescent colour: Blue/Green
Inside diameter: 14cm/5.5’’
Outer diameter: 21cm/8.25’’
Height: 6cm/2.36’’
Net weight: 600g/21.16oz

Size 8.5 x 2



Please note that the tyre is a white colour before absorb light! The tyres will shine as long as they absorb sunlight or light.


After the tyre absorbs sunlight or light, it will shine in the dark or at night. Please put the tyre under the sun or light to absorb. It takes about 2-5 minutes to absorb the light.

8.5 Inch Glow in the dark solid honeycomb solid rubber tyres


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Only available for UK customers